I offer film, edit and drone services. These can be book all together or individually depending on your project needs. For reference have a look at my videos.

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film - edit - drone -
film - edit - drone


Tim Feistner

Over the past 5 years, I have worked for numerous clients in different industries. This has given me a lot of valuable experience in creating different types of videos. Eventually, I specialized in promo videos, aftermovies and social media reels.


Image Video

AMC Store Berlin

Employer Branding Video


Social Media Reels

Google Pixel 7 Pro


Tim Feistner

Editing makes all the difference in videography. It's what makes a good video a great video. I use two different tools to edit my videos: Final Cut Pro X and Adobe After Effects. When properly combined, they develop their full potential, and an excellent video is created.

Final Cut Pro X:
After I filmed a video, I use Final Cut Pro X to arrange the clips in harmony with the music. I add sound effects and use color grading to give the video a special look and convey certain emotions.

Adobe After Effects:
Adobe After Effects is my favorite tool to add creative video effects and transitions to a video. I often use these special effects for Promo Videos, Aftermovies and Social Media Reels.


Final Cut Pro X

Cupra Garage Hannover

Adobe After Effects

Transition Reels


Tim Feistner

I currently own seven different drones, all of which have specific advantages for different scenarios. While standard-stabilized drones take steady aerial shots, FPV racing drones produce precise and dynamic drone perspectives at high speeds.

DJI Mavic 3:
The DJI Mavic 3 is used to take steady aerial shots. We often see them in movies and on TV. This drone is great to show beautiful landscapes or the location of a building or event.

FPV Drone + GoPro:
Following a car closely at 120 km/h, navigating through an office space or a tiny window - FPV drones make it possible. Equipped with a GoPro these drones capture 4k footage with up to 120fps.

FPV Drone + Cinema Camera:
Large FPV drones with up to eight motors are capable of carrying bigger and heavier cameras such as the BMPCC4k/6k or the Red Komodo, which deliver cinema quality footage.


FPV Drone + GoPro

Audi Munich Trudering

FPV Drone + Cinema Camera

Porsche Jump
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